Tips on Finding the Most Affordable T Shirt Printing Services

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Finding a t shirt printing service that is affordable is super-easy these days. With so many t-shirt companies popping up every now and then, you will not be caught amidst shortage of choices to take. However, this is also the reason why you may find it difficult to find one service that truly helps you out. The abundance of choices will make you confused and dizzy. This leaves you wondering if there is a way to simplify things and pare down your options.

People print t shirt these days out of their wish to have some apparels that are one of a kind. Store-bought t-shirts are just too generic and plain for their taste. The most outstanding ones do exist but they are sold in multitude, making it possible for you to stumble upon someone wearing the same thing as you do. So t-shirt printing emerges as a solution to help you emphasize your individuality. But no one t-shirt company works in the same way and offers the same thing.

In a way, the presence of so many services out there poses even more challenges to overcome: There are just too many t-shirt companies offering too many variations of t-shirts. To ease you up, here are some tips to use so everything is much simpler for you:

  1. Free design tools are everywhere to find these days, with Photoshop being the pinnacle. Using this software, you can manipulate images and design interesting patterns to use for the t-shirt. Once you are done designing your t-shirt, you can bring it to a t-shirt company and ask them to print a product with it. Alternatively, you can print one on your own, if you have the means.
  2. Lots of t-shirt companies are using Photoshop to come up with their own design too. But the recent Photoshop CS5 was released with the Screen Button feature noticeably absent. Without this feature, it is impossible to print a design on a screen as a user will not be able to separate the colors of their design. As a result companies are shifting to digital printing, which is costlier than screen printing. Consider this option before enlisting a company’s service.
  3. Whenever possible, stick to a company that employs screen or transfer printing, or both. These techniques are much more affordable so the products are cheaper.
  4. The easiest solution is the internet. You can browse for available t-shirt companies that use traditional techniques rather than Photoshop.